The VNSC Committee

LaserOpen05 377The VNSC is run by a voluntary committee of between 6-10 members. A new committee is elected every year during the Annual General Meeting, held usually during the second half of September.

The key functions in the commmittee are: the commodore (chairperson), the secretary, the treasurer, the sailing secretary, the bosum, the housemember, the grounds member, the youth member and the publicity member. One or two ordinary members complete the team. The commodore is the most prestigious of the committee members. A list of commodores since 1935 is attached here.

The mandate of the committee is to manage the club as per the articles of association and the constitution.

The committee meets approximately once a month to discuss staff- technical and financial management issues, and plan the upcoming sailing and training events. In case of bigger events such as the Uganda Laser Open, the committee constitutes a sub-committee for the task.

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