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The Victoria Nyanza Sailing Club, is first and foremost just that: a club where people come to sail, learn to sail, and talk about sailing. The club has a great tradition in competitive sailing (racing), and has produced and hosted over the years many great sportsmen and women. But also for the leisure sailor who wants to go out on an easy Saturday or Sunday afternoon, the club offers everything you need.

The winds at Kaazi are perfect for both a beginner and advanced sailor. In the morning, winds are usually low (to non-existing), and are ideal for splashing around, swimming of your boat, and for building your sailing confidence and experience.  In the afternoon the winds generally pick up, and may reach 12-15 knots. Sailing then becomes a bit more sporty and spectacular, and ideal for racing.

The VNSC has a busy sailing calendar, with over 45 sailing events, per year, of which most are small club regattas. Generally a club regatta is a one-day event sailed on the Sunday afternoon. Most of the regattas consist of three races of about 40 minutes, with a lunch in between. Over the years the club has built up an impressive collection of trophies and many of the regattas have a illustrous history.

For club racing the most popular boat is the Laser. The Laser is a single handed dinghy, and the most popular of its kind in the world. It can be sailed by any reasonably fit person over 45 kg. Different sail sizes for the Laser take care of the different abilities and weights of its users. 

For children, the VNSC owns a fleet of Optimists, again the most popular children's single handed dinghy in the world. Many children who learned sailing at the VNSC in an Optimist eventually moved to the Laser.

For those who don't know how to sail, the VNSC offers twice a year a professional sailing course for adults, and children trainings at request. In fact, the VNSC is the perfect place to learn sailing, with its moderate winds, warm water and focus on good sailing.



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